Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blue Spring State Park

Blue Spring State Park, Florida

We will be camping at Blue Spring State Park the weekend after next, and I cannot wait. A little oasis that makes you feel worlds away, even though it lies within the suburbs of Central Florida. And a much needed mini-vacation. I will be bringing every camera I own and taking photos of everything. Especially the Thursby House.

Thursby house
via Katy Warner via Flickr

The Thursby House, built in 1872 by Louis Thursby, is just up hill from the spring. If there is ever a zombie apocalypse, James and I already have first dibs on this place. This is my dream house. It is a three-story wooden behemoth, amidst 1960s cement-block pastel ranchers. With two lovely wrap around porches, a giant live oak, and its own water tower. But it's the inside that I fell in love with when we visited last year. White slatted wood walls, pale wooden floorboards and lace curtains. Old maps on the wall and a vintage stove in the kitchen.

Unfortunately I can't move in until the zombie apocalypse, so in the mean time I am taking this inspiration to our dining room. It is in serious need of a makeover. We are renters, so the changes won't be drastic, but a good coat of paint, new curtains and a light fixture, and oh yeah, FURNITURE would be nice.

The paint and curtains will be easy to fix, the light fixture is no prob, but the table and sideboard are going to be a challenge. We have teak mid-century modern dreams on an Ikea on Craigslist budget.

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