Thursday, June 30, 2011

earthly delights

When I was a little girl, I spent hours throwing rocks against the brick foundation of my grandparent's house. The end.

I did it to crack them open and see the shiny, sparkly treasures inside the otherwise dull rocks. I had a special method - corner bricks worked best, sometimes the sidewalk helped - and the more speckled on the outside, the better the inside. My most prized stones were kept in an old bakery box, with the words "My Rock Collection" scribbled in sharpie. When other girls were dragging willing adults to toy stores, I dragged mine to The Museum Store or The Nature Company. To the very back, where wide drawers held chunks of amethyst, pyrite, agate and turquoise.

And now, almost two decades later I still have my eyes on these little gems. In the form of gorgeous necklaces of sliced agate and amethyst. The jewelry at solisjewelry's Etsy shop is so stunning. I want it all!

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